PDPA 2019

Chapter I: Preliminary
Sec 1-3

Chapter II: Obligations of the Data Fiduciary
Sec 4-11

Chapter III: Grounds for Processing Personal Data without consent
Sec 12-15

Chapter IV: Personal data and Sensitive data of children
Sec 16

Chapter V:
 Rights of Data Principal
Sec 17-21

Chapter VI: Transparency and Accountability Measures
Sec 22-32

Chapter VII: Restriction on transfer of personal data outside India
Sec 33-34

Chapter VIII: Exemptions

Chapter IX:
Data Protection Authority of India
Sec 41-56

Chapter X: Penalties and Compensation
Sec 57-66

Chapter XI: Appellate Tribunal
Sec 67-77

Chapter XII: Finance, Accounts and Audit
Sec 78-81

Chapter XIII: Offences

Chapter XIV: Miscellaneous
Sec 86-98

Schedule I Amendments to ITA 2000
Statement of Objectives and Reasons
Notes on Clauses
Memorandum on Delegated Legislation
Financial Memorandum
PDF Copy of PDPA 2019
PDF Copy of the PDPA2018
Sri Krishna Committee Report